This dog on a sled, 1932 | 30 Cute Dog Photos From The '30s

30 Cute Dog Photos From The '30s

dog feeding station from vintage suitcase

Beyond The Picket Fence: August 2010

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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⚠️⚠️⚠️If you see your cat or dog do this, it's not trying to be cute or funny. This is called "head pressing" and is usually a sign of a critical medical condition. #pets

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Cat ladder

Secret World of Cat Ladders: What Is Next? Cat Elevators?

Sick Tummy Dog Food

Sick Dog Tummy Food

Corner cat tree with window!

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cat door made for windows

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Build a Catio ~ a tiny screen house for kitty cats!

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Pit bulls like family photos (and they are much better smilers).

Free Cheats on Facebook: Empire and Allies Cheats

Just cool...Cat Stairs (or shelves) - Original design, only one ever made | eBay

Cat Stairs or shelves Original design only one ever made | eBay

Pitbull looks so intelligent |

37 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Pit Bulls

Dog's Home

Dog's Home Wall Decor

Cute cat doodles - these are fun - I love them! Now I need a Cats in Art & Craft board asap. ;) Mo

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Life looks better looking through an old Southern door

NeelyDesign Portfolio - Renovations and Restorations

Square Cat Habitat

HomeSav - Modern Furniture and Home Decor for Inspired Living

Cat Enclosures - Commercial Cat Enclosures Cat Runs | Interesting Stuff

Cat Enclosures and Cat Fences (With Photos) | Interesting Stuff

Outdoor space for indoor cats ~ I like how it is up off the ground so when other neighborhood animals come by they can't taunt each other... and hopefully its high enough so rodents can't get in the house either!

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Heartland�Belmont Gable Engineered Wood Storage Shed (Common: 8-ft x 8-ft; Interior Dimensions: 7.58-ft x 7.36-ft)

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Box lid and drawer can be opened. Inside there is a self-contained stainless steel litter tray on the right bottom, and a piece of steel mesh on the left bottom to scrape litter off cats claws when they walk through. 2. Cats come in from cat-head hole, go around the baffle and walk on the steel mesh, then go into the litter tray on the right side of the drawer. 3. The same way to go out. Litter in cats claws would be scraped off by the steel mesh, and fall down to the bottom drawer.

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cats house

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Outdoor Cat Enclosures: How To Go From Patio To Catio

The Great Escape

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Outdoor Cat Pens! From - Pet Forums Community. Beautiful outdoor enclosure.

Outdoor Cat Pens! - Page 6 - Pet Forums Community