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your going to meet disrespectful people

Love this... Demand respect don't settle ... You are worth it and your wants, needs, and feelings are valid! So True just went through a relationship where this wasn't upheld by the man......JERK!!

Dr. Steve Maraboli

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yeah... it's getting to be a habit... thank goodness I'm on the computer and my back is to my husband and well, it's a stress reliever and an old woman has to do what an old woman has to do to survive... sane... I love him, but he can't find his behind with both hands... just saying...

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Cognitive therapies focus on changing the thought processes that we use to interpret our surroundings and life events, and is rooted in the belief that our emotions are created by our thoughts, which we can learn to change.

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Funny Confession Ecard: I haven't seen you since that time I hoped I'd never see you again. soo awkward always, fml

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Congratulations on your ability to chew food with your mouth open so loud that the whole neighborhood can hear you!

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Absolutely so true! Yes there is a sacrifice at times for S-A-H moms... But working moms do it and then about full time job, full time single mother..FUN! :P

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t-shirt ... I do not use swear words, yet, the point is humor. [Also, there is no such thing as potions or luck!] There is evil! Therefore, pray!

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There certainly are those type of people!!

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Haha I have asks this before too lovely people at the track

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All the time!

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Made it! subversive cross stitch flickr group. Imma see if I can make it for my mother, whose favorite curse is "Rat Bastaaard." eta: She loved it. Win.

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THANK THE LORD! I thought I was just a crazy bitch all these years!!!! @Nyssa Brown Brown Mooney !!!!

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Haha. Hehehe. Giggle. LOL. LMAO. LMFAO. (Funny. Ecards. Laugh. Joke. Hilarious. Humor) 'When I go silent it's not because I'm shy, it's because I am mentally dismembering the person talking to me.'

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I know a few girls who need to digest a bottle or two of foundation

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Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak. #Funny #Stupidity #picturequotes View more #quotes on

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I wonder if clouds ever look down on us and say "Hey look...that one is shaped like an idiot." - Boldomatic #clouds #humor #haha #funny #bbskinnywraps

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So true...

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