Sunset, Thames River, London, England

River Thames is most beautiful river.It flows through southern England.This is Longest river in England so also it is second longest in the United Kingdom.(Source) Country- England Source- Thames Head, Gloucestershire, UK Length- 346 km mi)

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad Recipe

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad - the most popular HEALTHY EATING recipe,also our most popular vegetarian dish as well. Totally easy to make and totally delicious it can be served hot or cold!


Cities to See in Your lifetime Oia, Greece - Oia is the most famous town on the Greek island of Santorini and its gorgeous white and blue homes cascading down to the sea are the stuff that postcards are made of! (Photo by Gianfranco Perlongo)

London UK

London, England: With its prestigious museums, famous street markets, and bustling financial center, it's no wonder that London is one of the world's most-visited cities. What are you waiting for? (Photo by Tbtb)

Rome Italy

Cities to See in Your lifetime Rome, Italy - Walking through Rome is like exploring the world's largest open-air museum. Simply put, no city on Earth combines fine art, cuisine, tons and tons of ancient history quite like the Eternal City. (Photo by Tbtb)