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Boston, Massachusetts

Memorial Jewelry. Your loved one's hand writing imprinted on a piece of jewelry. Beautiful. I will have to do this.

Feed a cold, starve a fever, give PMS ANYTHING it wants.

Yep, sounds about right

This is the BEST idea. As a teacher there will be a lot of this. As a student I saw a lot of this myself. I wasn't talking I was singing. Singing, whispering, whatever you were still TALKING. I would definitely use this in a classroom.

How cool for a teacher. Pinner said: I personally made this "money-book" for my daughter's 1st grade teacher! It totally made her cry!!! It was such a BIG hit that a ton of other teachers and even the principal were stopping me and talking about this amazing idea!!!

Stickygram - turn your Instagram photos into magnets

"This isnt just a butterfly as you can plainly see. I made it with my feet which is a part of me. it comes with lots of Love Especially to say I hope you have a very Happy Grandmother's Day!"

How to make your words into a shape using Microsoft Word. Always good to know

So true. Love my dad!

Mom and Me journal. Write letters back and forth with your kids. Ask a question, answer a question. Leave under their pillows...I love this idea.

... Or expect something far worse

truth turns your Instagram pics into magnets! Amazing and affordable gift idea...

I have to make one of these before our next trip!!