Donna Ferrato

Donna Ferrato
NYC / Participatory democracy...Ownership and control of the means of producing and distributing information. Perhaps the most important issue for the next generation
Donna Ferrato
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Chattooga County, GA. 12/12/2015. 5-year old “CJ” prior to a cross lighting ceremony hosted by a Georgia based Ku Klux Klan realm. CJ’s father is an Imperial Knighthawk (security within the Klan ranks). His mother fabricated the robe out of left over material after making her husbands robe.

Probates wishing to become citizens of the “Invisible Empire" take part in a naturalization ritual.

Children are assisted by their teacher holding a cue card during a choreographed presentation for their parents. The presentation followed Sunday service at a Klan church and focused on racial pride.

God’s Country, Alyrya shows off her swastika Easter egg.

Dan waits for the whistle during a quick carve chainsaw competition at an annual woodsman show. I was told a member of the committee has been trying to ban Daniel from the annual event due to his outspoken beliefs, but the chairman says as long as he's in office Dan has nothing to worry about.

In parallel tracks of elegy and mystery, Sarah Perry recalls the life and death of her young mother, who was murdered when the author was

Here is a corner building on Broadway that has a lot of potential. The building to the left has been really nicely restored and fixing 242 Broadway would really