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Dark Kings series

Dark Kings series

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I wonder which of the Dragon Kings uses this cave. :)

Hidden away in the mountain fortress of the mysterious Dreagan Industries, Sammi finds more than a safe haven. She finds Tristan - the most gorgeous, beguiling, and haunted man she has ever known. Newest of the Dragon Kings, Tristan fell from the sky in a snowstorm naked with a sword - but with no memories of his ancient struggles. When he meets the wounded Sammi, something powerful stirs within his heart.

Fire Rising (Dark Kings) by Donna Grant,

Darkest Flame (Dark Kings) by Donna Grant,

Fire Rising (Dark Kings) by Donna Grant,

Fire Rising: Part 1 (Dark Kings) by Donna Grant,

Burning Desire (Dark Kings) by Donna Grant,

Darkest Flame by Donna Grant

Dark Heat: The Dark Kings Stories by Donna Grant,

Dark Heat: The Dark Kings Stories by Donna Grant,

Dawn's Desire by Donna Grant,

Dark Craving by Donna Grant,

Do you have a Dark Craving? Read Parts 1 & 2 of Donna Grant's Dark Craving e-only novella exclusively on H!

In the spin off series, Dark Kings coming in July, all the heroines who bind themselves to my dragon shifters are given a mark. I can't tell you how long I searched for this design, but I finally found it. Here's a pic. You can find it on merchandise in my store ( and I'll soon have temporary tattoos!

I showcased a design for the Dark Warriors series, but today I'm doing some pimpage for the Dark Kings (dragons!). Here's a glimpse at the stunning Dreagan Scotch Distillery logo I had made up. Dreagan is Gaelic for dragon, and the Kings use the distillery to hide. I'll talk more about the scotch and the distillery in Scotland that I patterened Dreagan after later. ;)

Time to do some pimpage for my merchandise design. This time we're going to go with..."Get Scorched", design one, from the Dark Kings. After all, you get near dragons, you probably will get "scorched". :)

Time to spotlight the second new design for the Dark series for merchandise.

Banan has never had a problem using humans to help further hide the Dragon Kings. Not once has he ever thought twice about lying regarding who he was to get what he wants. After all, he'd been one of the Kings who had fought to save mankind. But all that changes the moment he sees Jane Holden. Dragon Color: Dark Blue Power: Hallucinations Favored Region: Mountains

Guy is wholly unprepared for his life to be shaken to its very core when he saves a woman who has trespassed onto their land and decided to go caving in their mountain. While everyone else is worried what she might have seen, Guy is more concerned with the way he can't stay away from Elena or her very tempting lips. Dragon Color: Red Power: Erase Memories Favored Region: Desert

Hal has survived eons hiding who he really is because of the knowledge that the dragons he ruled were safe from the humans. His life has been a monotonous routine. That is until he finds Cassie. Upsetting the balance that has been the Dragon Kings' mainstay for millenia. What it means for him, he's not sure. But he'll fight for Cassie, for the new and exciting feelings filling him. Even if it means his death. Dragon Color: Green Power: Sleep gas Favored Region: Forest

Banan's wallpaper

Guy's wallpaper

Dark Craving Dark Kings #1 July 31, 2012

Hal's wallpaper