Donna Karlsson

Donna Karlsson

Handicrafts and DIY are always fun fun fun. Dreaming of a warm and cozy home, lovely peaceful garden. Christmas has always been a holiday close to my heart.
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Beautifully-tailored, hand-made women's traditional jodhpurs in beige thick rib corduroy with faux brass buttons and faux leather inner knee panels. Will fit up to the following measurements: Low waist: 31" Hip: Free size Below knee: 14" Inseam: 16"

The Grande Icy Snowflake headband is perfect for a midwinter wedding, a large embellished snowflake made with a mixture swarovski bicone crystals and pearls of various sizes positioned to the side of a pearl beaded band.

created using 8mm barrel crystal beads and 4mm white glass pearls attached to a silver toned tiara band and measures 3/4 of an inch high.

For once in the history of the internet, a man's Facebook rant about his ex-wife is actually quite heartwarming. Boston-based Billy Flynn Gadbois decided to surprise his ex-wife on her birthday by bringing her flowers and cards with his children. "Per usual", he says, "someone asked me why the hell I still do things for her all the time. This annoys me So ima break it down for you all." And he proceeded to do so.