Turn your husbands signature or writing into a bracelet.

Would love to do this with my Grandmas' or mom's handwriting! :) also a great girt idea. "Turn your husbands signature or writing into a bracelet! This is so sweet!

I don't know why, but I feel that I need this for Fall 🍂 and a Winter ❄️

Mermaid Party to Be Adored Blanket

I think I want one! This fantastic ribbed mermaid blanket totally lives up in the winter! It's everything we though it would be! It's comfy & warm which is good for cold weather, the color is amazing so it's perfect to keep you in the easy afternoon!

So pretty

Infinity Necklace, Diamond Pendant Necklace, White Gold Necklace, Infinity Knot Necklace, Gold Pendant, Handmade Jewelry

Diamond Necklaces Infinity Knot Diamond Necklace Buying this for my sister on her wedding day.opps hope she doesn't see this lol Infinity Necklace, Diamond


Mermaid Dreams Throw / new / handmade / afghan blanket / green / pink / coral / sea shell / baby / spring / unique -- 4 Sale

Knitted Slipper Boot Socks Cable Knit Lounge Hosiery Socks Thigh High Winter Cozy Slippers

Knitted Slipper Boot Socks Cable Knit Lounge Hosiery Socks Thigh High Winter Cozy Slippers- I love these worn with knee high boots pulled higher so they peek-a-boo oh so slightly.

Every shower should have one of these!

The shower shaving foot rest is the leg-shaving woman’s truest companion in the shower. For those women who like a clean shaven leg without the fuss of sitting down in the bath or falling down with legs splayed, this foot rest saves, and shaves, the day.

Finally! An in-wall Wi-Fi router

"An in-wall Wi-Fi router" This could be used for small spaces or to extend the range of existing wifi networks. Perfect for any nerd that needs top notch wi-fi in every room.

Arrow Bracelet

This bracelet looks like Katniss's bow from the Hunger Games!


These are gorgeous! Do pink vintage canning jars really exist? I think you tint modge podge to the color you want and paint inside the jar?