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Math Coach's Corner

Hopefully helpful insights from a K-5 math instructional coach Visit my blog:

Math Coach's Corner: Skip-Counting...It Ain't Just 2s, 5s, and 10s! Skip-counting is a great way to help students see the patterns in math. Read about how to skip-count with fraction, money, time, measurements, and more!

Math Coach's Corner: Apps for Making Ten. Learning the complements, or friends, of ten (2 + 8, 3 + 7, etc.) is a critical component of early numeracy. These free apps provide engaging practice in a variety of formats.

Math Coach's Corner: The Power of Patterns. Read how patterns can help students make sense of math. Examples include fractions on a number line and subtracting 3-digit number on an open number line. Includes freebies for you to download!

Math Coach's Corner: The Using Doubles Strategy for Addition. A strategy based approach to fact fluency helps students master their facts while building deep understanding. Grab this freebie for practicing the Using Doubles strategy.

Math Coach's Corner: Multiplying Fractions. Read tips for multiplying a whole number by a fraction and grab a FREE workstation activity!

Math Coach's Corner: Counting by Tens off the Decade on a 100 Chart. Patterns on the hundred chart support students as they practice skip counting by tens off the decade (7, 17, 27, etc.). Read more and download a free hundred chart.

Math Coach's Corner: Making Ten, Easter Style! Students need lots of practice working with the combinations for 10 (2 + 8, 3 + 7, etc.). This free Easter-themed game is perfect for hands-on learning!

Math Coach's Corner: Tips for Effective Remediation. Remediation is the process of individualizing instruction to close the gaps for all of your students. Read more about effective remediation.

Math Coach's Corner: Common Core, Telling Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes Game Bundle. This game bundle includes 3 popular games: I Have/Who Has, Scoot, and Memory (matching). $

Math Coach's Corner: Using Technology to Develop Early Graphing Skills. Graphing is a critical skill and students should have opportunities to create and interact with graphs on a regular basis. These FREE online interactive resources provide students with a variety of engaging graphing activities.

Math Coach's Corner: Celebrating Doubles: A New Poster for the Morning Meeting Doubles Chant. Your kiddos will love this activity for practicing doubles! Grab this free poster now.

Math Coach's Corner: Capture 4, Friends o' 10. Top o' the morning from Math Coach's Corner! This Capture 4 game provides practice with the critical skill of making combinations for 10 (3 + 7, 2 + 8, etc.). Strategy comes into play as they choose which space to mark on the gameboard to try to cover 4-in-a-row and win! FREE!

Math Coach's Corner: Exploring Numbers to 120--Concrete, Representational, and Abstract. Students should have concrete experience decomposing numbers larger than one hundred in different ways. This free math workstation takes students through the CRA stages of learning.

Math Coach's Corner: Roll and Cover for 10: Two Versions. Learning combinations for making 10 (ex., 3 + 7, 2 + 8, etc.) is a critical component for building number sense and developing fact fluency. With two versions of this game, students can practice on an abstract level or representational. Grab them for free!

Math Coach's Corner: Concrete Learning for One More and One Less. Students need concrete experience to develop conceptual understanding of a concept. This free activity uses ten-frames to help students visualize the meaning of one more than and one less than.

Math Coach's Corner: Video for Counting Back from 20--Shake Your Groove Thing! This engaging little video for counting back from 20 is addictive, and it's just what your kiddos need to master this important skill.

Math Coach's Corner: One More and One Less Freebie! Students practice the tricky skill of 'one more than' and 'one less than' with this easy prep workstation activity. Easy to differentiate, it also includes a recording sheet for assessment or accountability. Grab it for free!

Math Coach's Corner: St. Patrick's Day 120 Chart Fun! The 120 chart is a powerhouse of patterns! This free St. Patrick's Day themed I Have/Who Has game engages students while emphasizing those important patterns.

Math Coach's Corner: St. Patrick's Day 120 Chart Fun! The 120 chart is a powerhouse of patterns! This free St. Patrick's Day themed I Have/Who Has game engages students while emphasizing those important patterns.

Ship Shape First Grade: Story Problems, Doubles, and a Freebie!

Math Coach's Corner: Fractions on a Number Line Scoot. Students struggle to understand fractions on a number line. This Scoot game provides engaging practice for identifying values associated with halves and fourths on a number line. Scoot is great for a whole group activity, a workstation, or for small group instruction! $

Cute idea!! Pringles can with construction paper and Velcro to bring 5 Green and Speckled Frogs to life. Great for teaching subtraction!

Zap It! Great multiplication fact game for 2+ players. Student draws a stick and must give the correct answer to keep the stick. If the students misses it then he/she must put the stick back. Students keep playing back and forth. If a student draws a ZAP IT stick then they must put ALL their sticks back. Student with the most sticks wins!