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make ice in the bottom of plastic bottles, looks like a flower...float in a bowl of cute!!

Here’s to being single, seeing double, and sleeping triple (20 photos)

New Years!! Champagne Jello Shots: 2 pkg white grape jello, 1 cup boiling water, 1 cup chilled champagne!

Freeze coffee as ice cubes....and toss in a cup of Bailey's. - Brilliance

Make wedding centers with a water balloon and wax, no need to buy a million glass vases that you don't know what to do with afterwards!

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Make dessert stands using dollar store tart pans and candle sticks - spray paint & voila!

DIY: Wine {Charms + Name} Tags

Chalkboard dipped wine glasses. CUTE gift idea!

How to Blow up a Balloon With Baking Soda and Vinegar

No helium needed to fill balloons for parties.....just vinegar and baking soda!