How to make homemade mod podge

Homemade Mod Podge: White school glue + A jar with twice the volume of your glue. Squeeze the glue into the jar. Fill the glue bottle with water. Seal and shake. Now squeeze that watery stuff into the jar. Seal and shake. Go decoupage something.

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Mod Podge Basics. Very helpful for beginners in mod podging. This has helpful reminders and some hints I didn't know.

Mod Podge Basics + 28 Mod Podge Crafts

Learn how to decoupage perfectly every single time with this Mod Podge basics tutorial. Plus, check out 28 Mod Podge crafts and other Mod Podge ideas to try out your new skills.

DIY 'recipe' for Mod Podge ~ I have never used store brand Mod Podge, so I'm not sure what the consistency is supposed to be like, but when made per this, mine came out more watery than I was expecting.  Still works though!  Next time I will add less water.

Mod Podge is crazy expensive. Make it yourself. A jar Elmer's Glue Water Shake well!

I was going to Mod Podge one of those new tide containers, it is just too cool to throw away!

The ultimate collection of Mod Podge crafts!

I use Modge podge in all of my painting projects - but now I can do more! 150 Mod Podge tutorials - the ultimate craft list! Tons of gift options.

Craft Tutorials ~ Mod Podge Rocks!

The ultimate collection of Mod Podge crafts!

Need an awesome gift idea? Here are Mod Podge craft tutorials! Mod Podge is seriously a godsend when it comes to crafts!

♥ Mehl ♥ Zucker ♥ Wasser ♥ Weißer Essig  Mehl und Zucker in einem Topf (Verhältnis 3: 1). In kaltem Wasser zu einer Paste verarbeiten, ständig rührend bei mittlerer Hitze kochen, bis die Mischung dick wird, einen Teelöffel Essig zufügen,abkühlen lassen. Im luftdichten Behälter im Kühlschrank für ein paar Wochen haltbar

Recipe for homemade glue

DIY Homemade Mod Podge Recipe - Flour, sugar, water & white vinegar = better cheaper Mod Podge / Hmm, is it better?

Updated Mod Podge formula guide - with all the latest (new) formulas!

Mod Podge formula guide

NEED TO KNOW: MOD PODGE FORMULAS EXPLAINED. Did you know that you can make things glow in the dark with one formula of mod podge? There is even an outdoor formula, and a hard coat that works well on furniture.

1 cup elmers glue to 1/3 cup water. I love pinterest. :)

do it yourself divas: DIY: Decoupage glue water, shake and done! guess who will be saving a lot of money this summer!

10 Simple Steps to perfect Mod Podging! A few great ideas that make such a difference! #modpodge #diy #howdoesshe

10 Steps for perfect mod podging

Best modge podge tips. 10 Steps to Perfect Mod Podging for all your DIY projects and crafts!

Different modge podge finishes

Have you always wondered what the different finishes of Mod Podge looked like? Click picture to find out. {Mod Podge is the BEST creation for art/crafting EVER!