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Wonderful World: Desert Songs

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Wonderful World: Desert Songs

Wonderful World: Desert Songs

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Sand Dunes, Cervantes, WA by Christian Fletcher

Nevada, USA

Monumental Sunrise

Monumental Sunrise

Dunes at Sunrise ~ Sahara, Egypt

Beautiful Sahara ~ Dreamy Nature

The Great Sand Dunes National Park ~ located in the San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Australian Desert (von Kristian Pletten)

don't call me betty | Australian Desert (von Kristian Pletten)

Mountain oasis of Chebika in western Tunisia (by Sandro Mancuso).

It's a beautiful world

The White Desert, Farafra, Egypt.

Cloud Nukes Photo - The White Desert, Farafra, Egypt 637027705754019

The Temple of Rameses III, Medinet Habu

Medinet Habu | Reflections in the Nile

Dendara Temple Egypt

Abu Simbel Temple in Nubia, Egypt

Ramsés II: O Complexo de Abu Simbel

Avenue of Sphinxes, from North Luxor

The Nile, Egypt

Hot air balloon above Valley of the Kings, Egypt


Temple d'Amon-Rê Temple de Karnak ~ Luxor ~ Égypte.

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The great spinx. Giza.

snow on sphinx for the first time in 112 years

Great Sand Dunes National Park. The tallest dunes in North America are up to 750 feet (230 m) tall.

Cloud Nukes Photo - Great Sand Dunes National Park. The tallest dunes in North America are up to 750... 967869152334058

Dar Sidi Bounou, Morocco

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Todra, Morocco

Aït-Benhaddou, Morocco

Tamnougalt, Morocco

Sahara, Morocco

Never Give up, Desert, Dubai, UAE, by Abdullaziz BinAli, on 500px.

Kolmanskop is a ghost town in southern Namibia. Shortly after the drop in diamond sales after the First World War, the beginning of the end started. During the 1950's the town was deserted and the dunes began to reclaim what was always theirs. A couple of old buildings are still standing and some interiors like the theatre is still in very good condition, but the rest are crumbling ruins demolished from grandeur to ghost houses.