Scottish terriers and their famous owners

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a dog planter made out of straw with white flowers in it
Marquis and Dawe | Home Interiors And Home Decor
Scottie Dog Garden Planter
a man is kissing a dog on the nose in front of a black and white photo
Cary Grant & his Scottish terrier, Archie
a drawing of a dog with its name and description on it's back side
35 Perfect Gifts For Scottie Lovers
How to draw a Scottie
a drawing of a woman sitting on the beach with her dog looking out at the ocean
By Marguerite Kirmse (1885-1954), Day Dreams, etchings.
an old newspaper advertisement with a dog on it
an old black and white photo of two people playing with four dogs in the yard
Humphrey Bogart
Bogart had 3 Scotties! Humphrey Bogart and his third wife, Mayo Methot, with their dogs at home, 1944 Warner Bros.
a woman holding a small dog in her arms and smiling at the camera while standing next to a kitchen counter
Julie Andrews with her gorgeous wheatie.
there is a cartoon about dogs playing in the field with their owner and dog trainer
an old black and white photo of a woman holding a cat with her hand on top of a box
Toria and her dog Mac | Grand Ladies
Princess Victoria “Toria” (Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary) (6 Jul 1868-3 Dec 1935) UK & her dog Mac. 4th child of King Edward VII (1841-1910) UK & Princess Alexandra (1844-1925) Denmark.
a woman is walking her dog down the street while holding it in her arms and smiling
Tatum O'Neal with her Scottie Lena.
an old black and white photo of a child with a dog
Jackie and her Scottie in NY Central Park.
a man standing next to a dog on top of a field
Gossip colummist Ed Sullivan with his black scottie in a fenced in-area-NYC - Photo by Nina Leen - 1944
black and white photograph of a woman holding a cat
Scottie dog, Joan Crawford