Columbia House

Columbia House Record and Tape Club. I remember this. Sounded too good to be true

Back in the day, THIS is how we rolled!

Funny pictures about Life Before Cell Phones Was So Simple. Oh, and cool pics about Life Before Cell Phones Was So Simple. Also, Life Before Cell Phones Was So Simple photos.

Glass animals - I had tons of these!!

glass menagerie figurines I have an amazing collection of glass animal that I started collecting in 1959 when my neighbor gave me the first one. Love them.

Cash registers before they were computerized

Vintage National Cash Register - you had to make your own change without assistance.

stereo set

Stereo Component System from early had an 8 track player.

There's another more recent…maybe 60's version of this I wish I still had.

Old Maid card game. Grandma had this too.loved playing card games with Grandma.

Garbage candy...I used to buy this and take it into the movies with me way back in middle school.

garbage candy LOVED the garbage can. I can remember eating this like it was yesterday.

Remember the flash cube?

Remember When? Kodak 110 camera with the flash bulb that turned around!

SRA kits!  I only remember this reading program being used when I was in 3rd grade, but I remember it well!  Moving at your own pace, and the thrill of being able to move up to the "next color" --- for me, at least, it was very motivating!

SRA reading Mastery was a reading program developed in stands for Science Research Associates. A type of coding was used to help kids understand the rules of reading. We worked independently and by our own reading levels. I loved it.

Remember when

Remember when. My grandparents had an old chevy car the same color. (When u could sit in the front seat in the middle with no sear belt. ( born a baby raised a

Remember when

whatweusedtodrive: “This is what we drove when we were 10 ” Remember how cool it was to have one of these?

No trip to the mall with your friends was complete without a stop at Wicks N Sticks.

Wicks 'N' Sticks - bought my very first set of candlesticks and loads of candles from this store when we got our first place back in 1982

Getting your foot measured at the shoe store by the store employee

shoe shop for school - getting your feet measured. kinneys shoes remember that