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Description of how essential oils are made and how they can be adulterated.

Although we have the ability to verify the constituents of an essential oil with a great deal of accuracy the essential oil industry is not regulated by any governing board that verifies for quality.

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Have an extensive interview with Traditional Naturopath and Certified GAPS Practitioner, Kathryn Doran-Fisher, to discuss health history and health concerns.


Cold and flu bugs are at their worst in the winter months, but there are preventative measures you can take to avoid infection, writes Professor Kerryn Phelps.

Do you think you are getting rid of gallstones with a gallbladder cleanse? Think again!

Liver Gallstones part 1 - Gallstones liver function gall bladder purge what is the gall bladder gallbladder purge gallbladder op where is gall bladder liver cleanse products natural.

A good description of what happens in gut dysbiosis from a GAPS Practitioner.

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