Gypsy Vanner Horse - Easily recognized for their leg feathering and common black and white or "piebald"coat color

Feathered Gypsy

In these beautiful horse pictures, you can look at them at their prime beauty and praise God for the creation of these beautiful creatures.


Saraid Tonka Tot, a 2009 Black Tobiano Gypsy Cob Filly Driven Dressage horse, Obstacle Driving Prospect, look at those blue eyes, beautiful. Black and white horse.


The Shire horse is a breed of draught horse or draft horse. The breed comes in many colours, including black, bay and grey. They are a tall breed, with mares standing 16 hands and over and stallions standing 17 hands and over

so sweet (note that the harness that he is wearing is actually an adult horse's halter applyed up-side down around the foal's body. The foal is also a Strawberry Roan because of the odd white hairs on his rear end).

Haha that is awesome! Love the seatbelt, Safety first😜👌🏼

I would absolutely do this if a foal was ever orphaned! I would do that no matter what who am I kidding!? Lol horses rock

Just A Man, Sleeping With His Horse : Your Pet Hates You – Funny Animal Pictures And Videos


"Black leopard Appaloosa stallion named 'Pratt Sully Fire'" what can I say, I love spots

'Samy,' overo pinto stallion

My favorite overo paint coloring -- Sammy, palomino overo paint horse.