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One of the most feared of all London's street gangs in the late 1880's was a group of female toughs known as the Clockwork Oranges. They would later inspire Anthony Burgess' most notorious novel.

Victorian Women Smoking


“spintrii” Roman coins used as token for entrance in Roman brothels



Anna Morandi Manzolini (1714-1774) - self-portrait dissecting a brain Professor of anatomy at the University of Bologna (she succeeded her husband) and anatomical wax modeller. This portrait makes the point that anatomy was a relatively high status occupation. Female anatomists were by no means uncommon, though most of the finest wax modellers were men. This self-portrait, and examples of her work, are on display at the Museo di Palazzo Poggi in Bologna.

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Juana Ines de la Cruz was feminist nun and an independent voice for the oppressed. One of the most important poets in the Spanish Golden Age, de la Cruz wrote not only in the Spanish of the elite, but in the accented Spanish of African Slaves and the languages of indigenous America. She dared to write feminist social critiques in the seventeenth century. Her access to books was revoked by an angry church shortly before her death from the plague, but her work lives on.

Most Astounding Woman You've Never Heard Of


Louise Labé, a rope maker's daughter, was a prolific writer & early feminist. Although her father was himself illiterate, he had Louise educated like her brothers in languages, fencing and equitation. Her half-brother François was a fencing master, and Louise was an accomplished fencer in her own right, as amply documented by contemporary writers. Indeed a number of poems praise her brilliant performances in the lavish tournament of 1542, in honour of the Dauphin Henri's passage through Lyon.

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Celebrating the little things.

21 Comics That Capture The Frustrations Of Depression

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Blood and wounds. Research for novel. Disgusting, but useful for writers.

Bloody Mess [infographic]


The tomb of Princess Elizabeth Stuart of England. Died a hostage of Cromwell's government, she was found dead with her head on the Bible her executed father gave her on their last meeting.

Madame Guillotine - Page 16 of 77 - Kill them all if they won't eat cake


Christina Gyllenstierna (1494/5 - January 1559) led an uprising in Sweden to overthrow the (effective) control of Sweden by a Danish king, Christian II. After her husband was killed in battle, she took command of the defense of Stockholm. Christina was eventually forced to surrender, but negotiated terms that provided a general amnesty to herself and everyone else involved in the uprising. Christina became a national symbol of Swedish patriotism.

Christina Gyllenstierna


Some of the rituals and appearances are similar to those of Native Americans. DNA evidence suggests that the indigenous American population originated from the Siberian mountains, before leaving Russia and passing over the frozen Bering Strait around 14,000 years ago

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A look at Russia's medieval sword makers | Russia & India Report

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Magistra Hersend circa 1249 Art by Julian Lozos (tumblr, twitter, deviantart) Magistra Hersend was a French surgeon who accompanied King Lou...

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Qiu Jin, Chinese feminist & revolutionary martyr - Amazing Women In History

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8 Fast Facts About Camp Followers | Journal of the American Revolution

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Anyone saying you can't have a career and be a good mom. her daughter is adorable

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"Mōdraniht is literally translated as Mothers Night, or Night of the Mothers. We don't know a lot about this celebration because it would have been suppressed after conversion to Christianity. We do know that it was a time to celebrate motherhood and probably other female ancestors. This celebration of the feminine may be related to the age old correlation between the fertility of women with fertility of crops, and with rebirth of new life."

The Lost Female Figures of Christmas - Part I


Rory Gilmore book list. 250 books read or mentioned she read throughout the Gilmore Girls series. Amazing List!

Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge


uspsstamps: “If Martha Washington, Whistler’s Mother, Susan B. Anthony and Pocahontas, why not Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell?” That question was...

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WW1 Womens Yeomanry nursing corps — some were mounted to get in faster to help the wounded… even though they had to wear skirts and ride side-saddle c,1917

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civilwar nurses on ships

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Yevdokiya Nikolayevna Zavaliy was a seventeen year old nurse during WWII. When she was mistaken for a man on the field, she decided to go along with it, and fought in several battles. Her superiors appointed her as the leader of a reconnaissance squad, and she became a sergeant and was seriously wounded (over the course of the war, she’d be wounded four times). She retained command even after her gender was discovered, and her machine gun platoon continued to participate in heavy fighti...

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I honestly have no idea how I feel about this, but I feel like it has to be shared.

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Pack Horse Librarians...During the depression librarians carried books on horseback throughout the poor sections of Kentucky. Bringing outside news and learning to the nooks and hollows.

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