The Royal Clipper, amazing!

Tall ships from Star Clippers are largest full-rigged sailing ships in world. Four mast barquentines Star Flyer and Star Clipper and five mast square-rigged Royal Clipper sailing cruises under full sail

Luxury Yacht

Phoenicia Sailing Yacht concept by Igor Lobanov — Luxury Yacht Charter & Superyacht News

{ 1985 } July 1, 1985 Titanic wreckage was discovered

The wreck of RMS Titanic

LOVE On July the Titanic was discovered. It was the first time the great ship had been seen for more than 70 years. The wreck was found by Dr Ballard in the North Atlantic approximately 450 miles short from the destination of New York.

Tall Ship Europe

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The frigate "Shtandart" is a sail training vessel, built in She is an exact replica of the 1703 Peter the Great's ship.

Astern..Aft sail looks as if it once belonged to a Chinese Junk.

Gorch Fock - We ran alongside this tall ship along with at least a hundred other yachts when it came up the Chesapeake Bay for the Bicentennial. So beautiful!