Year you were born, year you met, year you married, etc.

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What a great idea for a sweet wedding day gift if the pennies were birth years and the year that the couple met! Cute idea for the couple, but do the guest really care?

quilt made from onesies from their first year!

Quilt made from onesies from his first year! Quilt made from onesies from his first year! Quilt made from onesies from his first year!

cute idea for Father's Day...need to remember this!

Father's Day Gift: Three photographs of your child with letters spelling out dad. These framed photos can spruce up daddy's desk and make such an adorable gift.

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{baby outfits made into a quilt....}  How cool is this?!?  @Tiffany Dahle and I were just talking about how hard it is to get rid of those tiny outfits despite our girls being "little ladies" now.  Adorable, simply adorable.  I love the modern look she's created.  Did I already say "beautiful"?  {BEAUTIFUL}

I want to do this for Sam & Nick with their boxes of old baby clothes. The baby outfits you can't part with and are put away into tubs made into a quilt. What an adorable thing for Mommy, and a great memory to share with each child when they're older!

For those fathers who have to go away :( Such a cute idea

this is the cutest little girl. i love this idea for a father's day or birthday card. With my 3 girls each holding a letter gotta do! Baby in the middle

Memory Quilt Custom Made w/baby clothes...You can order it made by 22Hands --this is also great inspirations to make your own!

Memory Quilt | Baby Clothes Quilt | Memory Blanket

DIY Memory Quilt Custom Made w/baby clothes ~~ awesome idea for all those memories you can't bear to part with. It would be so hard to get rid of all my future kids baby clothes so this is an amazing idea.

Father's Day Craft Ideas

lovelydesign: for father's day

32 Best Homemade Fathers Day Gifts - Tip Junkie==some cute ideas for dad and grandpa (especially for those hard to buy for) like this daddy picture, could also do with individual letters and each kid creating a background.

a picture a week! baby-photo-book-ideas

turn weekly photos into a photobook. love this idea from reichel of copy cat chic.

Father's day gift idea!  Finally, something cute but not tacky looking.

These DIY Father's Day gifts include homemade Father's Day gifts and personalized Father's Day gifts your kids can make that Dad will love!

Frame your babys first outfit, initial and birth announcement in a shadow box.  Use white pearl straight pins to keep the outfit and announcement in place the way you want them and then just placed the initial in the corner and shut the door.  Voi La!

Baby's home from the hospital shadow box. I believe I still have Khiya's Home from the Hospital outfit too. May have to make one of these!

Baby gifts cseretis

Modern Typography Birth Print

If you have always wanted to do this now you have a template! (As a graphic designer, I certainly will not be using the Word Wordart template, but the idea is there.

Create a keepsake: Infant hospital bracelet and hat in an ornament.

Baby's hospital bracelet and hat in ornament. Love this! I have held onto all of my kids bracelets, but never thought to do an ornament! ~I really like this idea. I saved all of our bracelets from the hospital when Ethan was born :)~