Jérôme Dorilleau

Jérôme Dorilleau

Ardennes  ·  Professeur d'Histoire-Géographie dans un collège des Ardennes. Rédacteur du blog Histoire en cours.
Jérôme Dorilleau
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Goat-riding monkey, ‘Trivulzio Book of Hours’, Flanders ca. 1470 (Den Haag, KB, SMC 1, fol. 164v)

ape 'playing' bellows while riding backwards on a goat -- from the Trivulzio Hours lluminated in Flanders Den Haag, Kononklijke Bibliothek, SMC 1 -- image via KB website

Fallschirmjäger worldwartwo.filminspector.com Hitler Eben Emael

Pictured above is Chancellor Adolf Hitler with a group of paratroopers (fallschirmjäger “green devil”) decorated with the Iron Cross for having breached the Belgian fort of Eben Emael, Belgium May,

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World Wars I and II left us with not only a global landscape changed forever politically and historically, but two of the biggest events in the century

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Scenes from the Life of Jesus Christ: Massacre of the Innocents / Masacre de los Santos Inocentes // // Giotto di Bondone // Fresco / Cappella Scrovegni (Arena Chapel), Padua