Upcycled Garden Trellis

I think this rustic teteur looks great even before the plants have climbed it (Upcycled Garden Trellis - From cedar branches and grape vines. _rQMdjs2T9i0 TF_wWBQLnkI AAAAAAAAHkE Xt6aVQX0jg4 s1600 IMG_3408.JPG

Poppy seed garden decorations made of willow branches. Cede by Jessica Travers steel and willow.

Somewhat Quirky: Building Glass Towers!

Somewhat Quirky: Building Glass Towers from old lamp bases.

garden totem pole | Garden Totem - Windows Live

I have so much stuff from 'The Hoard,' I should be able to make one of these!


I honestly didn’t know where to put this but it is an amazing piece that looks to be made from repurposed items…

Isn't' this cobalt blue bird bath amazing?

DIY Birdbath totem using discards and garage sale finds! Silicone glue lasts well in all weather. I love blue glass!

My friend is making "Garden Totems like this by recycling old china. Neat! can make into a bird feeder/ bird bath

Teapot Whimsy 4 : Enchanting teapot totem I have so much of Goodwill and flea market pottery to make mucho of these, after I get through my succulent gardening projects.