Semicolons are so misunderstood.

How to use a semicolon, the most feared punctuation on earth. ~ The Oatmeal The Oatmeal does many awesome comics that range in topic. He also happens to love grammar, and I look forward to the day he publishes a text book.

Ideas for Teaching Students Comma Rules

Teaching Comma Rules

Comma Rules Anchor Chart I think this is a cute way to teach students about the function of a comma. I'd use this to introduce the comma, and would even have students help each other, and me in creating our very own sentences using commas.

[Idea] Contraction Chart: Two words on one side, fold over to make a contraction.

[Idea] Contraction Chart: Two words on one side, fold over to make a contraction. Can do this with word families too!

Interactive Vocabulary Notebooks - I'm Lovin' Lit

Interactive Vocabulary Notebooks

Love the picture that goes with the root/prefix of each word group. This would be an excellent way to help struggling students make connections between different yet related of words.

7 types of Syllables

7 Syllable Types - Language Arts Educational Classroom Poster

Seven Syllable Types Reading sounds Cool poster that summarizes all these "helps to knows"

Maybe I should print this I mean being dyslexic and all it could help.

Punctuation cheat-sheet: yes, this would be great for the classroom, but I also wish that everyone in the English-speaking world would read and reference.

Types of Syllables

types of syllables for or ton-gillingham. Also how to separate syllables.

Using Pictorial Representations To Teach Rules Of Grammar, Punctuation, And Word Usage

Amused by the misplaced modifiers in your students' writing? Frustrated that your students omit commas in direct address? Tired of explaining the difference between your a