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Great fixes and hacks from Do The Green Thing fans. To get your photo in this fixing Hall of Fame, download the Do Some Good app and take part in our Get Your Fix On project. Help inspire others to mend and make do with your fantastic fixes and honourable hacks.

Get your fix on

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Christmas needs fixing - the story of a visionary elf.

The Fixer's Manifesto from the brilliant minds at Sugru.

Woolfiller - the easy way to fix the holes in your woollen clothes

How to save your flip flops

Clever little tip for scratched up wood

Cute way to patch up your jeans

Living Well: 4 Secrets to a Well-Mended Wardrobe
  • Kara Crawford
    Kara Crawford

    I JUST got rid of my favorite jeans with a hole in them too!!! This would have been so cute:((

You might have broken a bowl, but thats a candle holder waiting to be made

Seamlessly repair a broken melamine tray using colour-matched sugru

Changing rooms around is fun. But carpet indentations are not. Remove them with ice cubes.

"The heels on my favourite shoes were badly scuffed and marked and looked really shabby. I didn't want to throw them out, so I covered the heel in some glittery fabric. They look amazing now and I've received so many compliments on them. It only cost me around 5 pounds to spruce them up too!"

"This bike has been in the family for years, and no one uses it so my mum was going to throw it out. I replaced its wheels, oiled and cleaned it up and now I use to it cycle to university. In consequence saving my carbon footprint and the bike!"

"I fixed this tape dispenser after is got broken in two"

"This is the mug I glued back together after my friend smashed it"

"My brother in law looking very happy that his engineering skills from his time in the Royal Navy came in useful when this arcade kids ride broke!"

"Super-glued my boot to get more wear out of it"

"I love this belt so when the clip broke I just used a safety pin to fix it!"

"We fixed this table so we could enjoy summer bbqs"

"This is a bunch of old speaker about to be chucked so I took normal wires and a male jack from Maplan. 1 to wire the speakers I just connected the wires they came with (because there soldered and I don't have any solder) and connected all the positives together and put the positive wire with the male jack connected. I did the same with the negative wires. 2 connecting the jack was hard at first but it's simple connect the positive to the long tower thing and negative to the two smaller ones."

"The pear tree in my back garden snapped in half so I have tried to give it another chance with a bamboo cane, some bandage and lots of string!"

"Only held together by glue. Can't wait for someone to sit down. Hahahhahahahahahaha" Ok, so this isn't such an amazing fix!

"I fixed this windmill because It was my late grandads and I wanted something to see everyday that reminded me of him. unfortunately not all the wings were found."

"My 4-year-old MacBook had become slow and almost unusable, meaning I'd potentially have to buy a new laptop, further resulting in computer waste. I installed new ram and upgraded my operating system at a fraction of the cost of a new computer and now have a new lease of life out of what would've been binned!"

"I used shredded paper as bedding for my guinea pigs. Rather than just throwing the paper away :)"

  • Rene' Jackson
    Rene' Jackson

    I do this too with junk mail. I also use tissue boxes to put hay in. Brownie gets a brain & body workout getting his hay & it keeps his cage cleaner.

"A recycled chain now used as a moan feature in my rockbed."