Supporting Marriage Equality for both mixed gender and same gender couples. It's right. It's time. It's just. It's not a's people. Don't we all deserve the FREEDOM TO MARRY?


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‘Same Love’ wins big and marriage supporters speak out at the VMAs. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert perform and Oscar-winning superstar singer Jennifer Hudson joins in at the end as a surprise addition.

  • Dotti Berry
    Dotti Berry

    love this song and what it stands for!

Westboro Baptist Church targets Macklemore concert in home state

First same-sex couple gets marriage license in Pennsylvania

#SCOTUS and #DOMA - Glad we got to share in the Bellingham Herald article.

Olson And Boles - These two lawyers who were Bush v. Gore lawyers, joined forces to challenge Prop 8 and won. #Prop8nolegalstanding - these two together lifted the partisan veil, shining light on human faces.

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom - Just heard him speaking and he said, "Step Up and Step In" is what we have learned from leaders such as Mandela

Domonique Foxworth - President of the NFL Players Association supports marriage equality - Thank you!

Pink Rocks!

A great article about a mom coming to a new understanding about her son and his pending marriage to a man. It's why I do not give up hope on Roby's Mom or my Mom...or our families. Hope opens up a new space into which people can step.

Thank God for this man of unwavering faith. Minister and activist to officiate first marriage since 2003

Wonder how much Rick Santorum was paid to deliver "truth" about "gay marriage?" 10/9/12 Rick Santorum @ FPIW Reject R-74 Fundraiser (Spokane, WA)

It was soooo much fun 'living history" and getting our marriage license.

Morgan Freeman speaks eloquently.

TIMELINE - Six Imminent Marriage Moments by Third Way, via Flickr

Watch this video...and share your story with Faith in America.

With gratefulness for approval of Ref 74 in WA.

  • Dotti Berry
    Dotti Berry

    We're here at Merchant Cafe in Seattle, ready to stand in line at midnight for our marriage license. Love living history. Nice to be supported by great allies...Kathy and Michael and Robert and Joyce

If you live in Washington state, please approve Ref. 74!

love this!

Mo'Nique Stands Up for Marriage Equality. Can't we all stand for the FREEDOM TO MARRY?

Now's the time to be a part of history!

so simple

This sign says it all.

Mel White's new book. It's time to set the religious right straight.

The GLAAD Commentator Accountability Project (CAP) aims to put critical information about frequent anti-gay interviewees into the hands of newsrooms, editors, hosts and reporters.

Trailer of Love Free...or Die. Bishop Gene Robinson's story