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Landscape Shrubs & Trees

Foliage, shapes, and color are the foundational structure of a well planned garden. The plants on this board are great choices for establishing a foundation when planning a well designed garden.

Landscape Shrubs & Trees

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Dwarf Hinoki Cypress (Chamaecyparis Obtusa "Spiralis"

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Perfect as a single vertical accent or planted in groupings, the hardy Juniperus communis 'Compressa' slowly grows tall while remaining extremely narrow.

Moving past my fear

Sunset Landscape book II

Sunset Landscape book II - eyeofthelady
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    Beautiful colours!

Fothergilla ~ A wonderful but underused shade-loving shrub, fothergilla offers blue-green foliage in spring and summer. Its leaves reveal warm shades of gold and orange in fall. And fothergilla has honey-scented springtime flowers to boot.

Top Trees and Shrubs for Fall Color

Japanese Tamukeyama Maple Tree | Cherished for its colorful crimson-red foliage throughout the seasons, this beautiful flora enlivens your outdoor oasis.

Cottage Farms Direct Live Japanese Tamukeyama Maple Tree | zulily

Weeping White Spruce... craig loves these. Maybe in front landscape?

Tri City Nursery

Golden Dutchess Hemlock An exciting new evergreen, this develops graceful arching branches covered in golden yellow needles. ‘Golden Dutchess’ is a compact variety perfect for rock gardens or containers. Like other hemlocks, ‘Golden Dutchess’ does best in woodland settings where it receives dappled sunlight. It prefers rich, slightly moist soil. Name: Tsuga Canadensis ‘Golden Dutchess’ hemlock Growing Conditions: Shade, Partial sun Size: 3–4 feet tall, 3–5 feet wide Zones: 4–7 553

Must-Grow New Shrubs, Trees, and Vines for 2014

Wichita Blue Juniper gets 10-15' tall & 4-6' wide. This tree stays relatively narrow & pyramidal. The botanical name is Juniperus scopulorum & is also known as Rocky Mountain Juniper or Colorado Redcedar. There are other similar cultivars such as the following: •Skyrocket - One of the most narrow. •Moonglow - silver blue foliage and very broad •Medora - nice blue-green foliage but a slower grower

Types of Evergreen Trees

DWARF HINOKI CYPRESS - An elegant and beautiful large columnar shrub to small evergreen tree, the slender Hinoki cypress is a great choice for small gardens. It will become a narrow pillar with lovely layered fan-like branches densely radiating from the main trunk. It is slower and more compact than typical Hinoki cypress and matures more gracefully.

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Skyrocket Juniper. This completely maintenance-free juniper is ideal for areas where height is wanted yet there is no room for a wide based tree. With a mature height of over 15 feet this tree is great for privacy screens and windbreaks. The drought resistance on this upright juniper is unmatched in its class. Once established it is able to withstand long periods without water.

Conifer Garden

the garden: Conifer Gardens
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    I love all these conifers .

Chamaecyparis obtusa Wells Special: A strong growing narrow, upright form of Hinoki Cypress. Medium green foliage with red stems.

Picea omorika 'Skytrails'. 3X9 in 10 years Native Americans in North America use the thin, pliable roots of some species for weaving baskets and for sewing together pieces of birch bark for canoes.

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    Beautiful picture Doug Harrington! Do you know what the large blue conifers either side are?

Royal Empress Tree...grows 15-18 ft./year. Explodes with rich lavender flowers that look like Orchids but smell like Jasmine. Grows as far north as Canada and as far south as Mexico.

Top 5 Small Tree Inspirations - Small gardens, as you know are limited by their spaces, and also by plant varieties as well. However, there is a simple solution to that – small trees are perfect for tiny garden spaces, and today we are going to review the top 5 most amazing small tree inspirations!

Top 5 Small Tree Inspirations |

Dwarf snow weeping cherry tree

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New viburnum with red berries in the fall and winter....RedBalloon Viburnum by Proven Winners

Red Balloon™ - Viburnum | Proven Winners

Golden full moon maple. AM sun/PM shade for best results

Full Moon Japanese Maple Buy Online, Best Prices

Cornus alba sibirica - Westonbirt Dogwood | Johnstown Garden Centre, Ireland

Fothergilla A wonderful but underused shade-loving shrub, fothergilla offers blue-green foliage in spring and summer. Its leaves reveal warm shades of gold and orange in fall. And fothergilla has honey-scented springtime flowers to boot. Name: Fothergilla major Growing Conditions: Shade and moist, well-drained soil Size: To 6 feet tall Zones: 5-8 Native to North America: Yes

Top Trees and Shrubs for Fall Color

Winter Bark: Five Shrubs Sure to Catch Your Eye - What to do in the winter months when our flower have fizzled and our foliage has folded. Here's a selection of five shrubs sure to catch your eye on a grey day.

All about Red Twig Dogwoods - Cornus alba 'sibirica' (red-barked dogwood). mid shot of red branches. november. - Susie Mccaffrey/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Incorporating Red Twig Dogwood Shrubs in Your Landscaping

Picea abies "Nidiformis"

Picea pungens Bialobok

Doublefile viburnum