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Beautiful & unusual succulents for the garden. Plant varieties, landscape ideas and more! Be sure to check out my other gardening boards for specific topics & great tips!
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Don't know the name of your succulent or cactus plant? This great Compendium of 127 Stunning Desert Plants and Succulents may help. Image shared with permission of . For help on propagating succulents please visit

Propagating Succulents - How-to Tutorial

Echeveria Agavoides (blue)

Echeveria Agavoides (blue) SPACE: through overlap

Sometimes just an architectural element or two can make all the difference when developing a modern design.

Drought-tolerant plants are perfect if you live in California or anywhere else! If you want to save water in the garden but don't want it to look like a desert, check out these water-wise tips!

Crassula Morgan's Beauty

Crassula Morgan's Beauty succulent plant- succulents and cacti have some of the most beautiful flowers in this world.

Beautiful succulent garden by Succulent Wonderland

Beautiful succulent garden by Succulent Wonderland. Good ideas about where to place everything

Sempervivum faramir, a pink hen-and-chicks

I want pink hens & chicks! Sempervivum faramir, a pink hen-and-chicks.I didn't know they came in pink!

Drought tolerant garden ideas

Roger's Gardens Landscapes - creating a beautiful cluster of different textures and colors with succulents .

Sedum 'Blue Pearl' SunSparkler series

stonecrop Sedum ''Blue Pearl' (Sunsparkler Series) (PBR)': Delivery by Crocus