I just love black and white photography. You are able to see deep within someone's soul without the distractions of color. The first thing I looked at in this picture was the eyes! They are beautiful!

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Inter train communication: you can't hold this type of conversation on modern trains! Churnet Valley Railway steam gala, 2008 - by Alan Crawshaw, UK

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Old people in love is something we see frequently now. These old people fell in love when it wasn't okay to just leave each other when things got hard. If it's broken they fix it.


Double Bubble Bubblegum with several pieces to get a bubble like this. Mom hated getting the gum out of my hair!

The Most Dangerous Hiking Trail In The World - Real Wanderlust

Would You Dare Walk On The Most Dangerous Hiking Trail On Earth: El Caminito Del Rey?

I'm your huckleberry

"I'm your huckleberry": Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone.

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Bill Murray steals a bike. Tags: Bill Murray Rushmore still photographer: Van Redin bicycle bicycle thief

Chevy Chase & John Belushi


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Came across this cool pic of Hunter S. Thompson & Bill Murray on the open sea. Ahoy! - Imgur

Came across this cool pic of Hunter S. Thompson & Bill Murray on the open sea. Ahoy!

Hunter S Thompson & Bill Murray. "polite as fuck" that got me so good! i need that shirt.


Marilyn Monroe with Nikon Camera by Bert Stern. Marilyn Monroe Born: Norma Jeane Mortenson June 1926 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Southern Spain "El camino del Rey"

"El Caminito del Rey (English: The King's little pathway) is a walkway, now fallen into disrepair, pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, near Álora in the province of Málaga, Spain.

El caminito del Rey (the most dangerous hike in the world) - El Chorro, Malaga - Spain.

El Camino del Rey (King’s pathway) - Málaga Spain. The walkway is one metre feet and 3 inches) in width, and rises over 100 metres feet) above the river below.

Marilyn Monroe. Looks like the Chelsea Hotel...

Often mistaken for being a vintage photo of Marilyn, this is actually model Eva Herzigova, in a 1992 Guess ad photographed by Ellen von Unwerth.


Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition. Timothy Leary (quote often erroneously attributed to Marilyn Monroe, but it's great no matter who said it)

Marilyn M.

Marilyn -

She was living proof that you don't have to be a size zero to be beautiful. I'm not a size zero.

Cool-style ((via allaboutmarilynmonroe))

One of the most natural and beautiful pictures of Marilyn Monroe - and one I've never seen before. Hollywood back in the day.Famous People, Actors Actresses and Musicians