20 free printable visual schedules for home and daily activities

23 free printable visual schedules for home and daily routines


Fishing with tongs, great fine motor activity - do it in the bath.. Use plastic fish, letters , numbers etc

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Are your kids antsy, bored, or having trouble sitting still? Maybe they need a brain break. You will love this printable list of brain break ideas for kids!

Sensory Break Ideas for Kids - Lemon Lime Adventures


Hygiene Worksheets for Special Education or Early Elementary

Hygiene Worksheets: Special Education or Early Elementary No Prep Printable Pack


I Am Feeling Really Upset. Routine charts encourage children to develop independence, the ability to follow instructions and a sense of achievement. They are particularly helpful for children with Autism, as there is a visual reminder to support verbal instructions.

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Love Idioms

Love Idioms - Kaplan International Colleges Blog


10 Best Life Skills To Teach Children: A child can also learn necessary skills depending on the culture his/her family follows. We have compiled 10 skills for you that will help you understand the importance of life skills for children which are very useful and universally acknowledged for kids to learn.

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Tutorial for making your own stretchy resistance bands for proprioceptive sensory input for fidgety kids and for kids with sensory processing disorder and/or autism. Includes suggestions on how to use them from And Next Comes L

Homemade Stretchy Resistance Bands


Behavior Chart - works so well at school, I'm seriously thinking of using this one for home.

Pond Ponderings: Behavior Chart


Many counseling worksheets on feelings, anger management, friendship, problem solving, etc.

Communicrate worksheets


Let's see, my son has ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, Learning Disorders, OCD, Gifted (Extremely intelligent just no common sense), Sensory Integration issues, and I think he's depressed sometimes.

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How to set up a classroom for students with autism. Great organizational ideas & videos!

Classroom Photos and Video Tour :)


2013 autism facts #autism #technology #quotes.Recent studies show that Vaccines cause Autism.

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Autism Help from Promoting Success on TeachersNotebook.com (102 pages) - Over 100 pages of autism strategies! WOW!

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Free English Idiom Lesson: Time Idioms

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Anger Map, Great for Anger Management!

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Our autism consultant made this visual schedule -- the pieces are connected and fold over so teachers and students don't loose them.

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Heavy Work Activities and Products for Autistic and Sensory Children

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Simple Morning Routine Chart - no rewards or punishment - just a guideline for kids to follow.

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Visual process strips to teach students positive behavior choices

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Calm Down Kit

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Cat got your tongue?

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Learning To Be a Mom: Printable Preschool Schedule Cards

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Baby Oil Sensory Bags

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Ways to deal with anger

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