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Eat, Drink & Be Merry explores the world of food and drink from the Downton era. Remember, anyone can be a Downton Cook! This board is curated by Downton Cooks:
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Chocolate Charlotte Russe. It would be a shame to miss a good pudding! S5E2 features a pudding made for the Crawleys. This is a lovely chocolate russe which is easy to make.

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Classic Cherries Jubilee was created by Auguste Escoffier for Queen Victoria who adored cherries. Very simple to make and always a show stopper. Perfect for celebrating the return of Downton Days.

Celebrate Return of Downton Days With Classic Cherries Jubilee

Add cranberry torte to your list of holiday desserts. The tart taste makes it a crowd pleaser, and no one needs to know just how easy it is to make.

Your Downton Holiday Baking Should Include Easy Cranberry Torte

Eve's Pudding is a classic English dessert, named after the biblical Eve. This version is one of the lovely recipes from Jessica Fellowes' new book, A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey.

'Tis Sporting Season at Downton, Warmed by Eve's Pudding

Soul Cakes are the original Halloween treat. A lovely little biscuit with currants and mixed spice, perfect for "souling", or just watching Downton with a cuppa.

Soul Cakes, the Original Halloween Treat

"It's all gravy" is an on English expression which means gravy is a luxury. It certainly does have a place of honor at the holiday table. My simple recipe for turkey pan gravy, using the neck and giblets to make broth to enhance the flavors.

Downton Cooking Lesson: It's All Gravy

Celebrating my 200th post at with Lord D's favorite pork roast dinner. A great one pot meal, perfect to prepare before watching Downton Abbey.

Celebrating the UK Launch of Downton Season 5 And My 200th Post

Enjoy the best of summer fruits with an easy to make peach and blueberry galette.

Celebrate Labour Day with Peach and Blueberry Galette

Poached eggs is an easy breakfast dish to make for company. All you need is fresh eggs and a pot of simmering water.

Plastic Water Bottle Leaves Egg on Face of Downton Promoters

Nothing went to waste in the Downton Abbey kitchen. The family brought home some fresh white fish? Don't through out the fish heads and spine. They are perfect to make a lovely fish stock.

Gathering for Proper Downton Catchup and Lovely Fish Stock

Summer is The Time for Fools, A Downton Favorite. Enjoy this low fat Rhubarb Fool, a simple combination of stewed rhubarb and greek yoghurt (mixed with whipped cream if you wish).

Summer is The Time for Fools, A Downton Favorite

Ease into Summer with Grilled Salmon & Sherry Rhubarb Sauce

Ease into Summer with Grilled Salmon & Boozy Rhubarb Sauce

Easing into summer with healthy rhubarb crumble. Less sugar and almost no butter.

Easing into Summer on Victoria Day with Healthy Rhubarb Crumble

Rhubarb and Ginger jam is a smashing mix of flavours to spice up your savoury scones or to use as a cocktail spread.

Mother's Day Tea is Always a Great Last Minute Idea

Mothers Day is celebrated in North America in May. Hosting a Tea Party is a great last minute gift to give your mom. Invite the little ladies in your life and make it a mother-daughter tea. The basics and recipe ideas.

Mother's Day Tea is Always a Great Last Minute Idea

Rhubarb season is almost upon us with lots of great ways to use Edwardian favorite. Start your day off right with healthy rhubarb oatmeal muffins.

Spring Means Rhubarb Season is Almost Upon us

Nothing better than sweet buns and a cup of tea. I inherited my Granny's recipe which makes dozens of light sweet buns. Use this recipe as your base to create currant buns, cinnamon buns, chelsea buns, hot cross buns. Freezes well.

Hot Cross Buns are Still a Good Friday Tradition

Hot Cross Buns are still a Good Friday tradition. The recipe I inherited from my Granny' makes this and other sweet buns to share with family and friends.

Hot Cross Buns are Still a Good Friday Tradition

Take a trip to the Continent for Angel Hair Pasta with lobster, a perfect and easy celebratory meal for you and your Lord or Lady.

Carry on Birthday Traditions Despite Downton Downtime

Crown roast of lamb has always reined as a favorite of the royals and holiday diners. Every so simple to make and perfect for your Downton party or Easter feast.

Downton Season S4 Finale Deserves Crowning Roast of Lamb

Classic Swiss Fondue: all this talk of Switzerland in S4 deserves a tribute to fondue. A super easy meal to make to share with fellow Downton Abbey fans.

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Eggs en Cocotte: treat your loved ones to a lovely brunch dish named for the container it is baked in. This version, with bacon, is tribute to Lady Mary's late night pig encounter with Charles Blake.

Dating Downton With Ham and Eggs

Anchovy Sauce: Daisy prepared anchovy sauce for a fish souffle in S4. A simple daughter sauce of the one of the 5 mother sauces in French cuisine.

Super Bowl vs. Downton Abbey: The Secret is in the Sauce

Vichyssoise: one of the dishes Alfred was tested on at the Ritz training school in S4 of Downton. Essentially leek & potato soup, chilled with milk added. My recipe.

A New Fridge at Downton Would Keep Vichyssoise Conveniently Cold

Easy Asparagus Feuilletés. Ivy gets her big chance to cook dishes on her own in Season 4. Asparagus and puff paste is all you need.

Dream of Spring with Ivy's Simple Asparagus Feuilletés