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Wise Words

Wise words from Downton Abbey's Mrs Hughes, Mrs Patmore and Mrs Crawley.

Wise Words

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  • Judith Dodds
    Judith Dodds

    had my heart broken forsure

  • Judith Dodds
    Judith Dodds

    show me one who hasn't suffered heart ache

  • Sonia Chailosky Schall
    Sonia Chailosky Schall

    It resonated with me

  • Judy Auld Byrd
    Judy Auld Byrd


  • Barbara Goldstein
    Barbara Goldstein

    true enough

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  • Suzi Morrow
    Suzi Morrow

    Ah, yes, this is true.

  • Debbie Wirth
    Debbie Wirth

    totally agree!,

  • Melissa Fountain
    Melissa Fountain

    I love her wisdom.

  • Andee Llewellyn
    Andee Llewellyn

    love everything she says and does!!

  • Jolene Rex
    Jolene Rex

    So TRUE!!!

  • eliane maria weeck de castro
    eliane maria weeck de castro

    I love Mrs. Hughes !!!!

  • Jennifer McKelvie
    Jennifer McKelvie

    Love her!!

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  • Sydney Young
    Sydney Young

    so true!,

  • Loraine Carleton
    Loraine Carleton


  • Liz Fontana
    Liz Fontana


  • Gabriela Rossi
    Gabriela Rossi

    I agree, one or twice sometimes it's not enough

  • eliane maria weeck de castro
    eliane maria weeck de castro

    So true !!!

  • Joanne McKinnon
    Joanne McKinnon

    The Mrs. Hughes character is great - I love the way she "handles" Mr. Carson without his knowing he's being "handled"!!

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