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Delighted to have join us at the at Rockaway Townsquare for the Holiday Season

Fish Scales: Technical repeat fabric design

Fish Scales: Technical repeat fabric design

Downtown Doodler: Subway People « Untapped Cities

Ever look at the people on the subway and wonder who they are, where they have been and where they are going? The Downtown Doodler creates their back-story.

Untapped Cities Paris Landmarks

Introducing the Paris landmarks by the Downtown Doodler, from the Pyramide du Louvre to the Moulin Rouge.

Don’t Forget to Look Up: Potter Building « Untapped Cities

Sitting atop the dark and heavy two story cast-iron base, nine stories of red brick and brownstone-colored terra-cotta facade watch over City Hall.

New Yorker Hotel

Downtown Doodler: A Brief History of the New Yorker Hotel in Midtown. Wyndham's New Yorker Hotel in midtown New York City went from being a celebrity hotspot to church housing, and is now a destination for 'business travelers.