Screwball ice cream: vanilla ice cream with colored gumball in the bottom of the plastic cup. I remember these... I loved them because you didn't have to pull the gumball off the ice cream, then eat it like the spongebob and dora and tmnt and spiderman ice cream bars...

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UK - Cadbury's CurlyWurly -Curly Wurly- 3p chocolate candy bar wrapper - 1970's by JasonLiebig, via Flickr Were these really bigger in the 70s then they are now?!

Milky bar. Loved this chocolate as a kid & still do now.

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Mr Frosty

In the UK in 1981, Hedgehog Foods Ltd decided, as a joke, to produce Hedgehog flavoured crisps (potato chips). To everyone's surprise, the crisp...