Screwball ice cream: vanilla ice cream with colored gumball in the bottom of the plastic cup. I remember these... I loved them because you didn't have to pull the gumball off the ice cream, then eat it like the spongebob and dora and tmnt and spiderman ice cream bars...

We went to France many times when I was a small child and although I remember an overall feeling of sun and happiness simply because we were on ...

Was there ever anything that made you feel as sophisticated as offering around a packet of After Eights once your meal was over? (Obviously I me...

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UK - Cadbury's CurlyWurly - we got loads of these as Dad worked for Cadburys and the factory shop sold all the seconds off cheap. Curly Wurlys must have gone wrong a lot because we seemed to get loads of them. Not Curly Wurlys again Dad!

Milky bar. Loved this chocolate as a kid & still do now.

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Mr Frosty

Hedgehog Flavoured Crisps. - In the UK in 1981, Hedgehog Foods Ltd decided, as a joke, to produce Hedgehog flavoured crisps (potato chips). To everyone's surprise, the crisps were a huge success. Hedgehog flavoured crisps were actually flavoured with pork fat and no hedgehogs were used in the manufacturing process. Consequently, it wasn't long before Hedgehog Foods Ltd was in court (1982), up against the Office of Fair Trading, on a charge of false advertising.