Microscopic Lifeforms of Light, by Reciprocity via flickr

These images are analog formed directly on to negative film by the refraction pattern of light passing through a formed plastic shape. "Microscopic Lifeforms of Light" by Reciprocity

Iris susiana by Georg Ehret (1708-1770)

This illustration of Iris susiana by Georg Ehret is a body-color on vellum Picturing Plants and Flowers: June 2011

Ceratophyus Polyceros male

See and Compare a Designed one as this with real One: Ceratophyus polyceros Pallas, 1771

Wiener Werkstätte 1900s

This picture represents the vocab word supple. It represents this word because supple means to bend and move easily. Friar Lawrence says to Juliet," depriv'd of supple government.

Alexander Henry - Collections

Fulham Road quilt or craft fabric by Alexander Henry Fabrics- Sloane in Tawny Plum- 1 yard or by the yard

...Vincent van Gogh - Still-Life with Apples Pears Lemons and Grapes - 1887

vincentvangogh-art: Still Life with Apples, Pears, Lemons and Grapes, 1887 Vincent van Gogh

Sal Meijer (Dutch, 1877-1965) - "Poes in prullenmand" (Cat in the wastepaper basket)

Sal Meijer (Dutch, - Cat in the wastepaper basket

Maria Sibylla Merian Iguana and Coral Snake Late 17th - early 18th century

Maria Sibylla Merian An Iguana (Iguana iguana) and a Coral snake (Elapidae micrurus) on a tree stump