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.Yep gotta feed everyone.. just can't help it..

Yep gotta feed everyone. But when they aren't eating, Italians are singing their heads off! Best Tenors are always Italian, Pavoratti! My fav Andrea Bocelli.


Funny Italian ~ yes, the hands's sauce!!! ;)'s sauce!!! ;)

They are the little things I miss most about my Italy ... LOL ... Nonna alla finestra ... lol

New & improved Italian surveillances

Haha this reminds me of the time when my grandma met my husand for the first time and he heard her lean over and whisper "well he LOOKS italian".

Try likes your non white boyfriend! Scary thing in an Italian family, but luckily, they all do!

That's all you SD.....LOL

A jealous Italian girl does better research than the FBI

Yes this is true the hold grudges forever. My mom hasn't spoken to me in 4 years even though I have apologized many times.

Funny Italian ~ Yes this is true the hold grudges forever.

Italian Humor - Benvenuti in Italia | PMSLweb

Every Italian Grandma. Link to spaghetti squash lasagna

Lol... Growing up with la zoccola lol

Italian mothers, My mother did this with a work boot when my brother pissed her off ! or a run by with a fly swatter.

Spoon...Italian kids, country kids, Irish kids, Pretty much kids in general

U are a true Italian if u have been beaten w/ a wooden spoon in between your mom stirring the Sunday gravy.haha so true