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Sometimes visual perfection is not enough to be appreciated. Moreover, when it is linked to art, the meaning of “perfection” is not always defined. A British artist Rosanna Jones creates and captures

Creative photography idea - submerge someone in a milk bath, such as these shots by Rosanna Jones

These images by Art student Rosanna Jones show a figure lying in a lukewarm bath of powdered milk. This results in beautiful, semi-translucent, ghostly images, with dramatic focal areas and a high-key effect (see above).

There may be some marbling from the black in the bath and the white paint...

I only have a milk— and tear-filled brook and you were always over and above. — Rainer Maria Rilke, excerpt of Before the Passion (tr.

Evanescente come un respiro, come l'aria, come un attimo. Eri tu. Ho sentito la tua presenza, il tuo sguardo su di me, Volevo toccarti, prenderti, abbracciarti ancora e baciarti; sentire il tuo gusto, farmi toccare dalle tue mani tonde, il tuo sussurro al mio orecchio, e poi ancora e ancora e ancora. Volevo te. Evanescente come un battito del mio cuore, una stella cadente, un onda nel mare, come l'ultimo respiro prima di svegliarmi. Linda

"But we can’t live in the light all of the time… You have to take whatever light you can hold into the dark with you." - A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray Photo by Nico Nordström. <-- This is beautiful, and so true. It's tattoo-worthy.

Hunger pangs Cravings For connection Reaching out To an inner light Remembering A heart That beats Cherishing The sacred Essence of Self Holding Life In my hands Breathing in Presence Gently. © ...

Light is dream We can see and catch, Bend it to our will. Impossible to hold Between our hands It is a prayer That lifts us out of night. By example, As if to say we too Can be a light, Help someone step up Out of darkness Into day.