I love this picture! Wide open with a ridge line and white clouds and an old barn

Reminds me of growing up in Boone, NC

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Cows grazing in Salvation Jane pasture, Clare Valley, South Australia.

Cows grazing in the paddock with a purple weed found in Australia called Pateron's Curse, or Salvation Jane.


Loving how this barn is designed. The windows all around as well as the different door style in front. And look at the storm clouds.

Crumbling barn

Doesn't look haunted to me. Haunted Barn by Lisa Moore, via Robert Escoto I think this one is my most favorite barn yet, ah the stories it would tell if it could talk~dwa

If you’ve ever had homemade bread, you know how amazing it tastes! Soft, warm, and fluffy! You’ll wonder what that stuff in the bread isle really is Baking your own bread seems intimidating to some people, but once you get the hang of it (and really, its not that hard at all!) you’ll never want [Read More...]

How to make bread in a crock pot. I think mine will accommodate a bread pan, so then I can put some water in the pot so the steam will help it rise and not look so tips guide cooking