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I try to only post free actual patterns to this board, If you like crochet and sewing, I have another board you may want to follow which I post my own designs, and other patterns and inspirations as well. I only ask that if you DO make something from any of the patterns on this board, at least donate your FIRST (and as many others as you want) item you make off of these patterns to this noble cause.
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Free Crochet Pattern: Vickie's Slouch Hat

Crochet: Vickie's Slouch Hat

Free Crochet Pattern: Boba Fett's Mandalorian Helmet

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Free Crochet Pattern: Unpsychotic Giraffe Hat

Crochet: Unpsychotic Giraffe Hat

Free Crochet Pattern: Death To Winter Hat

Crochet: Death To Winter Hat

Free Crochet Pattern: Raven and Evil Lady Horn Hat

Crochet: Raven and Evil Lady Horn Hat

TRex Crochet Applique: Free pattern. Thought this could be something cute to sew onto a child's hat...Would be fun on a hat that was crocheted to look like the sky on top and grass on the bottom. fun fun!

Dinosaurs Revisited: T-Rex Applique Pattern

Turkey wearing a Pilgrim Hat-Crochet using free patterns.. I have previously pinned many free patterns-the pilgrim hat I made using a variation of the little hat on the snowman hat pattern, the eyes and beak were a variation of the owl free pattern (I omitted the color round for eyes and for the beak I added a chain 4 and a TDC then 2QDC), and the little 'feathers' are using the free curly fringe pattern-they are found either on this board or my sewing and crochet board.

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For the hat base, simply add a row of sc in between each increase row (that gives you the conical shape). For the comb on the top of the head, I used a swirly (ch as many as you like, put 3sc in each chain) For the wings I made a chain 9 then sc across, *ch1, turn, sc across putting a 2scdec in center; repeat from * for beak: ch4, form ring, sc in each ch, sc in each sc, cluster closed. French knot with tapestry needle for eyes. for 'legs' chain desired amount, put 3sc in each chain.

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Baby chick hat: I had a lot of fun with this one. I made the hat just as I would any other hat, only after each increase round in the beginning, add a row of just sc around. Wings, chain 9, sk chain, sc in ea ch; *ch1, turn, sc across with a 2scdec in center; repeat from *until comes to a point, sc around wing with 3sc in each corner-make small pleat and sew to hat. Trim: *4dc sk stitch, sl st in next, skip next sl st in next rpt from * ties: ch 45 3sc in each chain.

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Crocheted Cabbage Patch Kid Hat: I used the loopy fringe (previous pin for instructions), a basic hat base, but right before that last inch of hat I sc into back loops only to leave a nice row to work the fringe loops...a few tassels and some fork bows and viola!

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Crochet How To Broomstick Stitch or Loopy Fringe-this is a fun little way to embellish a hat, scarf or lapghan : This was just what I figured out based on all my readings..I wanted to make sure I remembered what I did for future reference, and realized that just writing directions doesn't really cut it for this stitch.

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Crocheted Sock Monkey Hat Embellishments: Mouth: Round 1: with inner mouth color: Chain 11, sk 2 chains, hdc in next chain, sc in next 6 chains, hdc in next ch, dc in next chain Round 2: with outer mouth color: sc in each st around, putting 2 sc in each corner of mouth. Ears: Round 1: magic ring, 12 sc in ring join with sl st to first sc Round2: 2 sc in next 10 sc, leave last 2 unworked Round 3: ch1, turn, *dec, sc ; repeat from * around

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Free Crochet Hat Pattern: This could be super fabulous (but in different colors, I seem to really NOT like these colors together at all). Looks fairly simple. :)

Post Not Found - Crochet Me

Crochet pattern for flower embellishment: great photos as well!

Olavas Verden: Flower pattern – in english… :O)

Ripple Hat and Scarf: Free Crochet Pattern (downloadable pdf) I really like the look of this one...

Ripple Hat and Scarf

Star Stitch Free Crochet Pattern for this hat: Lots of room for fun color variations! LOVE it!

Crochet Geek : Crochet Star Stitch Hat Cap

Bobble Poof Crochet Earflap Hat -Free Crochet Pattern: I like the thought of this stitch for a hat. I'm not too sure I like the earflaps with this style though, but that is all a personal thing. Cute hate overall! :)

Free Pattern: Bobble Poof Crochet Earflap Hat

10 free patterns for some cute (and some not really cute at all) flowers: Yes, there really are free patterns (links to them are on this page)

10 Beautiful (and Free) Crochet Flower Patterns

Flower for Embellishment: This page takes you to a video link if you like those types of tutorials. But, there is also an image of the flower before it is sewn together, and if you are proficient, that should be all you need to know to make this flower-if not, just follow the link to the video tutorial. I like this flower, I love it when the flower is a flower all the way to the center. Those are the happiest kind. ;)

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Cheeseburger Hat: Free Crochet Pattern. Perfect for when you have Culver's on the brain. Might even stop one of those brain freezes from their custard. Mmmmm custard.

The Cheeseburger Hat (Crochet Pattern)

Owl Hat Pattern: Using this pattern, along with my variation and adding some 'horns' you can wind up with a really cute hat. I prefer, for the eyes, to start with black yarn ch3 join to form ring 10 sc in ring, join new color for pupil, ch 2 2 hdc in each sc around, join white and ch3, *dc in next stitch, 2dc in next stitch repeat from * around and finish off.

Repeat Crafter Me: Crochet Owl Hat Pattern

Owl Hat Pattern: My variation, in my opinion, looks a little like a textured hat, to sort/kinda give the appearance of feathers. Simply start the hat as you would for whatever size crown, and then *sc,2dc in sc; skip next 2 stitches repeat from * join with sl st in 1st sc. ch 1 and repeat from * again until hat is desired size.

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Guide for designing your own hat-Hat size chart for crocheting freaks like me.

How To Design a Hat (Part 2: The Math)

Strawberry Crochet Hat: Free pattern. Seems to be a pretty simple stitch,and I just love the ties, omg how adorable and clever!

Knotty Knotty Crochet: sweet strawberry hat FREE PATTERN!

Free Crochet Hat Pattern: Wheel Stitch-I like this one, it can be as fun or elegant as your color choices!

Free Crochet Patterns By Cats-Rockin-Crochet