Shiro and Pidge

TKG (火の国の民) on

Shiro and Pidge <<< I love these two together, but more in a protective sibling way. I see Shiro as a very protective and caring older brother, also Allura and Shiro would be the best space siblings for Pidge =^-^=

Lance, Pidge, Keith, Shiro and Hunk. Shiro, go super dad!

kristinkemper: “ HERE THEY ARE…. the space boys. they are READY TO SPACE FIGHT! ✨ I’ll have this print at table in the Anime Expo artist alley this weekend! It’s also available online right.

Space dad or space babysitter Shiro

Space dad<<<< My favorite part of the Voltron fandom is probably how everyone calls Shiro "space dad"

Space Dad needs some help. Art By Micah Graham

Space Dad needs some help! Why not get space Mom or space uncle (Alurra and coran)! Art By Micah Graham

pidge is 100% good

this sassy pidge oml shes so gorgeous would date>>>SHE MINE! She is a sassy green bean of kick butt!