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Anatomy series The PDF on gumroad with more pages: ———————————- Female Body: 06 torso ★ 07 back ★ 08 upper leg / leg ★ 09 under arm / upper arm ★ 10 hands ★ 11 boobs.

For the artists out there --How To Draw Breasts--now if only I could find one for men's chests

How To Draw Boobies

How to draw boobies in a better way (realistic) Don't draw Boobs that is like a plastic surgery ( I wish every comics artist was required to (at least) read this. They're not melons, boys.

this might be fun for the kiddos

Make one of these cool hand patterns. 27 Pointless Projects To Do When You're Bored At Work

Breasts - Understand

A tutorial on how to draw breasts and the dynamism associated with them as drawn and written by NSIO on DeviantArt.

Skull collection flowers

The skull flower garden optical illusion by Isa, from Boston, Massachusetts. (I just got the weirdest feeling because I know an Isa that I met in Boston and this is definitely something she'd do)

Moving illusions

gif picture by Alextopia - Photobucket Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope~~a slight shift and all patterns alter.

Trippy - get more funny GIFs at -

Trippy - get more funny GIFs at -

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