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How to mod podge on glass

How To Decoupage Glass

Decoupage Glass Bottles

Decopage Glass

Crafts With Glass Bottles

How To Paint Glass Bottles

How To Decopage

Glass Etching Diy

Decopage Crafts

Etched Glass

Teaching you the basics with an easy tutorial on how to mod podge on glass and create beautiful one of a kind vases, candles, glasses and more! More

How to mod podge on glass - Debbiedoos

Furniture Turn

Painting Furniture Fabric Etc

Funky Painted Furniture Ideas

Furniture New Life

Colourful Furniture

Colors Furniture

Diva Paint

Painted Fun

Painted Tables

Funky Diva paint and fabric decoupage. Fun, fun

Funky Diva: Funky Furniture

Decoupage Hangers

Fabric Decoupage

Diy Decoupaged

Modge Podge Hangers

Decoupage Napkins

Tutorial Decoupage

Decoupage Wedding

Decoupage Gifts

Decoupage Delights

*DIY Decorative Decoupage Hangers

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Crafts Aging

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Candlestick mod podge crumpled torn tissue paper over the piece. Paint turquoise then glaze with burnt umber. Gorgeous texture!

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Decoupaged Flower

Decoupage Flowerpot

Beautiful Decoupaged

Flower Pot Crafts

Mod Podge Flower Pot

Flower Pot Art

Painted Flower Pot Ideas

Paint Flower Pots

Plant Can

Decoupaged flower pot

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Decoupaged Table

Painted Stripes

Art House

Diy Furniture

Furniture Makeover

Fabulous Furniture

Diy Classroom Furniture

Ikea Classroom

Artistic Furniture

Decoupage table makeover

sara's art* house: things i love today:

Dresser Bottom

Bottom Drawer

Upcycling Painted

Decoupaged Dresser




Painted Furniture


decoupaged dresser (bottom drawer only - tissue?)

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Renaissance Rose-Debbra

Decoupage Draw

Decoupaged Furniture

Decoupage Vintage

Decoupaged Transfered

Painted Decoupaged

Hand Painted

Projects In Outside

Big Projects

Repurposed Diy

Decoupage dresser

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Boo Decoupage

Decoupaged Dresser

Painted Decoupage

Decoupage Ideas

Up Cycled Furniture

Furniture Paint

Furniture Ideas

Georges Tiny

Dresser Kate

My own decoupaged dresser! <3

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Renaissance Rose-Debbra

Decoupaged Dresser

Dresser Google

Crafts Decoupage


Steampunk Bedroom

Design Ideas

Cycled Furniture

Alternative Living


Decoupaged dresser

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Roses Dresser

Dresser Diy

Girl Dressers Diy

Modge Podge Dresser Drawers

Little Girls Dresser

Sale Dresser

My Little Girl

Redo Tutorial

Paper Tutorial

Decoupaged dresser

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Arrow & Applefrom Arrow & Apple

Weekend DIY!

Bookpage Jars


Modpodge Glitter


Jar Ideas

Glass Ideas

Wedding Ideas

Wedding Crafts

Wedding Stuff

DIY: candles from jars & old book pages

Weekend DIY!

Decoupage Comic

Furniture Decoupage

Decoupage Shoes

Decoupage Book Pages

Furniture Nightstand

Batman Bedroom Ideas

Diy Man Cave Decor


Kids Dresser Ideas

DIY: Comic Book Furniture makeover! Decorate an old dresser or table with Comic Book pages. All you’ll need is the furniture, comic books, Mod Podge to decoupage the bejeezus out of it and scissors. Apply the pages and coat the whole thing with varnish. Would make a great addition to a kids room or man cave.

Comic Book Furniture

Floral Dresser

Colorful Dresser

Colorful Painted

Fun Colorful

Dresser Bright

Colorful Chest

Floral Chest

Colors Dresser

Patterned Dresser

A dresser completely decoupaged. Thought something like this would be too much, but it actually looks great!

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Comic Drawers

Comic Book Dresser

Son S Bedroom

Boy Bedrooms

Boy Rooms

Boy S Room

Boys Bedroom Comic

Comic Nursery

Comic Room

Like the idea, I am mom of 5 and 2 stepdaughters my husband and say we have 7 kids then when we see people's eyes cross we say "we joined forces " it usually is explanation enough

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Repurposed Furniture

Diy Furniture

Painted Furniture

Upcycled Dressers

Dressers Painted

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Furniture Google

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Outdated Furniture

decoupage furniture

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Furniture Updates

decoupage drawer

Upcycled Dressers: Painted, Wallpapered, & Decoupaged

Map Dresser

Stand Dresser

Decoupage Draw

Cabinet Couldn'T

Cabinet Fine

Furniture Dream

Old Furniture

Furniture Refinishing

Map Front

DIY commode map

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Storage Chest

Wood Storage

Storage Boxes

Ikea Storage

Shabby Chic Storage

Storage Unit

Organized Storage

Shabby Chic Organization

Media Storage

ikea drawer unit

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Decoupage Buffet

Diy Decoupaged

Decoupage Ideas

Print Decoupage

Buffet Furniture

Painted Furniture

Faced Furniture

Furniture Well

Decoupage Furniture

Detail of paint and decoupage buffet

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Furniture Morris

Furniture Rehab

Furniture Google

Furniture Ideas

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Furniture Decoupage

Morris decoupage

Nova & Lorsten » decoupage drawers furniture morris (2)

Decopauge Ideas

Decopage Furniture Ideas

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Google Image Result for

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Shimmer Mists

Inks Shimmer

Half Water

Water Elmer'S

School Glue

Elmer'S School

School Library

Middle School

Lid Shake

Mod Podge. Love the stuff, but after a while it can get quite expensive. So for years now I’ve used Elmer's School Glue. I buy it by the gallon and make up the Mod Podge recipe as I need it in a mason jar. Just add half water, half Elmer's glue, replace the lid, shake it up and you’re ready to go. If you need it thicker, use less water! My preferred rate of dilution is 3/4 Glue, 1/4 water.

How to make your own Alcohol Inks, Shimmer Mists, Mod Podge and more

Crafting Tips

Craft Tips

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Paper Decorations Diy

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OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! Transfer any image to anything (fabric and wood) using this process. Can you imagine the possibilities? I MUST REMEMBER THIS!

Home Frosting

Altered Spoons

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Altered Silverware

Altered Objects

Altered Stuff

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Altered Items

papered spoons

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