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I have seen the first season of Dragons: Riders of Berk and am on to season 2 now. I was wondering what the difference between that and Dragons: Defenders of Berk (if there is one) and what Race to the Edge is so I can make sure I watch everything and in the proper order. I know Gift of the Nightfury and Dawn of the Dragon Racers are two specials kind of as well and I was wondering where those fit into the order of the series so I can watch everything in semi-canonical order (if there is one)

HTTYD Timelines <--- awesome but GOTNF is the first thing after HTTYD because they reference it in ROB.


Hiccup holding a map of Dragons Edge that he and his friends will create from Dreamworks Dragons: Race to the Edge

Oh, I didn't know Hermione Granger was in this class. (How to Train Your Dragon) (Disney) (Dreamworks)

For the Dancing and the Dreaming <--I've learnt this song on piano, along with Stoick Saves Hiccup and trying to learn Stoick's Ship.

Gobber's eulogy for Stoick. I cried at this part. Why couldn't Hiccup have both parents???

RTTE | Hiccup | Petition to have Hiccup sit like this all the time. >>> You have my signature.

Did anyone else realize the list of names on Dagur's arm in "Race to the Edge"? The first one is crossed out, but the second one says Hiccup, the fifth one says "Astrid" and the last one says "Sister"


Love how hiccup starts out shorter than Astrid and then by the end he's taller than her