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Thank you to everyone who participated in the Princess Odette Costume Contest! We are amazed at the artistry that goes into creating such incredible dresses, stunning photographs and absolutely royal Princesses! This was a lot of fun and we are excited to

Doctor Who -- Donna Noble. "I'll find him, Gramps. Even if I have to wait a hundred years. I'll find him."

Doctor Who -- Donna Noble. "I'll find him, Gramps. Even if I have to wait a hundred years." And then she did, and they had an amazing time, were best friends, and then he had to wipe her memory.


The Doctor and Donna. in my top ten favorite Doctor Who Moments is the Doctor/Donna window scene so funny

Catherine Tate as Donna Noble in Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Donna Noble Cardboard Standup Donna Noble, friend and travel companion of the Tenth Doctor from the popular science fiction TV show Doctor Who Size. This life-size cardboard standup is x tall.

I adore Donna Noble, and her having to part from the Doctor was the saddest story ever.

ADIPOSE ❤❤ I wish my fat was that cute!<<my health teacher said adipose today because it's sometime of fat and I started grinning like an idiot

"You're not mating with ME, sunshine!" I miss Donna!  ::cue tears & heartbreak:: #DoctorWho

Ohmygod, one of the most hilarious moments in Doctor who history!

Doctor Who

These 2 were my favourite to watch together! Donna noble, the most important woman in the whole wide universe and the doctor❤

Women Of Doctor Who : Catherine Tate as Donna Noble.

Watched some Doctor Who today, and I went, "Is that. Donna Noble in a purple dress? It isssss!

Doctor Who costume idea: Donna Noble in the Runaway Bride episode

"I'm in my wedding dress. Have you ever seen a bride with pockets?" 😀c - Donna Noble Doctor Who Runaway Bride

Doctor Who - Ten and my favorite companion, Donna Noble

Most people would say she was a minor companion but I think she effected the Doctor drastically.