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Taurus Zodiac Facts

My baby girl to a 'T'. She will give me part of her snack/candy when I ask, and sometimes when I don't, but she's the first one to sand up to me when she doesn't want to do what I ask.

Taurus fact, which is why I have trouble sleeping without music

so is this really a thing? I have a way where sleep isn't an issue, but that convenience is rare, the rest of the time it's damn near impossible.

My husband is so strong and positive in any situation. He is a 'take charge and make it work', kinda guy. I appreciate that personality trait so much. I never feel afraid in any situation as long as he is near.

That's me, in a nut shell. How did I get in this nut shell.

Taurus Facts: Photo

Taurus never gave you a reason to hate them. You're just creating your own little drama out of pure insecurity

Don't lie.

*** It's not the lies that bother me,.NO they bother me,but I agree with the part that mentions ," the insult to my intelligence that I find offensive".


Fun facts about your sign here,,,hmmm/ I`m a`taurus and mostly in the mood;

Taurus Facts

And after all these other pins, you probably thought I was a hardass. I'm more like those chocolate covered cherry candy bars. Really hard crunchy chocolate on the outside but eventually you get to that gooey sweet goodness in the middle 😛