Amy Nabi,

Amy Nabi,

Thousand Oaks, CA  ·  Known for her gentle touch and caring manner, Dr. Nabi uses the latest dental technology to provide patients w/stress-free cosmetic and restorative treatment.
Amy Nabi,
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The Oral Health Exam For A Healthy Smile

The Oral Health Exam For A Healthy Smile

The Children's Oral Health Institute

The Maryland Children’s Oral Health Institute (MCOHI) is a organization created to combat dental neglect and oral abuse among children.

Oral Health

No matter what our gender is we all have teeth. Although this is an obvious fact of life, it may not be so obvious to you that women have unique dental health issues

#Oral Health + Overall Health Infographic

Isotonix Calcium Plus Benefits− Essential for maintaining strong bones and healthy teeth Supports cardiovascular health Supports healthy enzyme and hormone functions

Enamel is strong, but it can still be damaged! Certain foods break down and destroy enamel over time, resulting in poor oral health. This infographic has some great, fast tips for A+ dental-health food choices.

Dental Diet - Here are some foods that are good for your teeth & some that are bad. I know taking off work can be enjoyable, even if it is to see the dentist, but if you take care of your teeth you won't miss as much work!

Stop hiding behind a closed-mouth smile and show those pearly whites after receiving cosmetic dentistry treatments. The various ways we improve your look are some of the most effective ways to restore your self-confidence.

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Your Mouth Matters - Fun Dental Facts Infographic

Fun facts about your teeth, mouth, and everything dental. Great for dentists, health nuts, and even mommies. Have you ever wondered who first used the

Healthy Smile  #PFBeautyBuzz

Buy Happy woman portrait with a white healthy teeth by valuavitaly on PhotoDune. Happy laughing woman portrait with a white healthy teeth – isolated on white