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Mark Richardson has some cogent and incisive thoughts about the new Best Coast album. I just listened to it straight through yesterday and ... yeah, he's pretty much spot on.


Dave Greenwald of Rawkblog makes a short and sweet argument that there are still plenty of ways to make great discoveries in the digital age, and provides a lovely example.


Great discussion of the intersection of rock and art culture, using Kraftwerk's recent MOMA performances and Yamantaka // Sonic Titan's "noh-wave" theatrics as talking points.


I was recently reminded of Brent DiCrescenzo and his hilarious, irreverent, insightful reviews from Pitchfork's early days. This is a great one.


Lately, I feel like the best Pitchfork writing has been their personalized feature articles, like this one about Lindsay Zoladz's history with--and attempt at understanding--Fiona Apple.

This article is mighty interesting, in part because I'd never heard of VRML before, but mostly because it is premised on this proposed "fact", which probably isn't so far off: "The number of words written about music in a single day last week may well dwarf the total number written before the internet."

eMusic writer Matthew Fritch interviews and describes the Philadelphia band East Hundred who, unfortunately, failed at indie music stardom. In the process, he explores the "do"s and "don't"s of indie rock success.

Years-old article from Pittsburgh mag The New Yinzer, but a good one. The merits of Blonde on Blonde and Slanted & Enchanted are discussed by two lively personas!