DIY Wood Stove made from Tire Rims that I use for my cast iron skillet cooking!

Have some spare rims laying around that you aren't sure what to do with them? DIY Wood Stove made from Tire Rims. We suggest using the high heat only on the outside - Rust-Oleum High Heat Paint should not come into direct c

Rocket mass heaters can be build and sculpted with recycled and natural materials. A rocket mass heater offers great efficiency, artistic freedom and allow you to build your own with just basic construction knowledge. Find out more at

HowTo: Keep your house warm. Rocket Mass Heaters and Rocket Stoves at Wheaton Labs (with pics!

Between two rooms or on an inside wall is the best placement for a single story home.  At the stair base for a two story - for the stairs to wrap around it.    Can have a wood burning baking oven on the other side of it.  or warming 'oven' alcove built in to it the way it is.    Would be great between  tub and bed, or kitchen and den - sunny window, heated bench, warm blanket, book ... NAP TIME!

Traditional Russian Fireplace labyrinthine brickwork, one of the earliest forms of masonry stove. They are substantially more efficient than open fires, but with limited air regulation waste a lot of heat up the flue when the fire is out.

Rocket Stove Mass Heater: Designers claim that with an RSMH design you can heat your room  with up to 75% less wood, burning wood so completely that the exhaust is nearly pure steam and CO2, the heat from one fire can last for multiple days, and that the heat is used so efficiently that the final exhaust is cool enough to touch and condensing.

Efficient Stove/Estufa Eficiente

Here is something I find fascinating, and I’m eager to see if it works as well as they say. This is the Rocket Mass Heater. Here is the wikipedia def: A rocket stove mass heater or rocket m…

With the Hot Ash, we realized that we could make a camping, bushcraft stove that made it easy to cook, boil water, and a myriad of other things in an efficient and safe manner. The design of this stov

Hot Ash Portable Rocket Stove