Katherine Welsh

Katherine Welsh

Music is my passion. I want to be a band teacher. I am a nerd, its a lifestyle. I LOVE LOTR, H.Potter, SuperWhoLock +. DFTBA
Katherine Welsh
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roofermadness: “ blue-halabaloo: “ ethicalheaux: “ squishable-amethyst: “ amant-lesbienne: “ angst-is-my-aesthetic: “ scorpionbutch: “ thallasiske: “ my femme girlfriend: [hour and a half later] ok.

GABE HAHAHAHHAHA. Can totally see Jesse saying this tbh.

It's a personal healthcare decision, which means it's no one else's business. Stop trying to control women.

Dr of chnaging things, dimensions and melding way, yes it is Dr Strange by marvels, really awesome stuff and customes were something out of the world, so here are some of latest memes for this

Have lost my glasses again and trying to figure out if you are a living Trying to deduce you like Sherlock does, and failing miserably

Tight Hips Stretches, Exercises For Back, Muscle Pain, Glute, It Hurts, Hip Pain, Hip Flexors, Feminism, Muscles, Muscle, Glutes, Gluteal Muscles