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Winner of 2013 Corvette Dream Giveaway

James DeGreve won our 2013 Corvette Dream Giveaway and a pair of 427 #Chevy #Corvette Convertibles, plus $45,000 towards the prize taxes! Here are some pix from the awards ceremony on January 31, 2014.

Winner of 2013 Corvette Dream Giveaway

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Corvette Dream Giveaway® winner, James DeGreve in a video about winning the Corvettes.

1969 427 Chevy Corvette Interior.

Jim DeGreve checking out his new 2013 60th Anniversary Corvette.

The 60th Anniversary and Lingenfelter Performance emblem.

Imagine if U Won not one but two Corvettes?

The 2013 Corvette was upgraded by #Lingenfelter Performance Engineering to a ground-pounding 615 HP!

Here's a side view of the 2013 60th Anniversary Corvette Convertible from

The DeGreves in front of their pair of matching 427 Corvettes- one old and one new!

Rear view of the 1969 427 Corvette Convertible won in the 2013 Corvette Dream Giveaway.

Side view of the 1969 427 #Chevrolet #Corvette Convertible. Check out those side pipes!

The 1969 #Chevy #Corvette Convertible gas cap, even looks great on this #musclecar.

The front of the 1969 427 with our official Dream Giveaway U WIN license plate. What a gorgeous Vette!

2013 Corvette Dream Giveaway winner, Jim DeGreve gets the keys to both Corvettes he won from Mark Breiner. Mr. DeGreve donated $20 as he entered the Corvette Dream Giveaway to help several charities and ended up winning both #Chevy #Corvettes. Talk about a great dream!

Jim and Julie DeGreve sit in their new 2013 60th Anniversary 615 HP Corvette Convertible after getting the keys at the Corvette Dream Giveaway award ceremony Jan. 31, 2014.