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Why is she smiling in the rain?

Happiness is a powerful emotion that can lift you much higher than anything that tries to weigh you down. Laughing with a friend in the rain can make you so happy just to be alive.

Why are they waiting?

If Buying Condoms Was Like Buying Birth Control. Safe sex isn’t always easy.

Why isn`t she dancing?

I love this pic for so many reasons has on blue pointe shoes wearing a blue tutu 3 She's drinking TEA!

What is he talking about?

God I can so relate to this! I kept saying if one more person asked me how bar study was going, I would punch them in the face! Can't even describe the stress level!

What time is it now? I`m so hungry!

This clock represents time and the role it plays. In truth, time is simply a man-made illusion and truly means noting unless one decides it does.

What is she reading?

The Reader "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." - Roald Dahl / Photo by Rosie Hardy - a self portrait from the 365 Days Collection -