Band kids will literally break a leg and continue marching after hurridly getting it wrapped, choir kids could pass out from locking their knees but they'll wake up and continue singing, colorguard kids...just. fuck. Arts are dedicated to their art

Excuse the language Hell yeah, hardcore artists! PS, they forgot writers, too.

Oh no, we're MUCH more than that - this is a hard core sport. I want to see somebody else run across a football field in 32 counts while spinning and tossing a flag. Oh, and you are moving backwards the whole time. But wait, if you don't go in an arc and are even a foot off you will run into the drum line. So watch out. And don't forget to smile. It is so much more than an "activity"

Oh no, we're MUCH more than that - this is color guard, baby!

The list goes on and on... I can hear my instructor already...

You know, just a few things a ballet dancer thinks about with EVERY movement. This is perfect. I can hear my ballet teacher saying all of these.

HEY -- Yorktown Winter Percussion and Guard! Always Remember Black Socks!

Yep. That about sums it up. Guard Problems @John Pafford @Melissa McCune @Erin Rettig

Having to spin a wet pole in the rain and the band complains that they're having trouble playing.